Your 48 hour window to join! "The Quick Start to Get Wine Smart"

Hosted by Wine Expert and Bestselling Author Natalie MacLean Winner of The World's Best Drinks Writer at the World Food Media Awards

In five weekly sessions, you will:

  • Learn how to take even your favorite dishes to the next level with beautiful wine pairings your palate will SAVOUR
  • Dive into the zest and sensory experience of wine that will make you the go-to expert on wines among your friends
  • Get rid of the embarrassment and guess work of choosing the perfect wine at any restaurant or liquor store to pick your pairing with confidence!

Important: the test group for "The Quick Start to Get Wine Smart" SOLD OUT in only TWO HOURS with 100 people on the WAITLIST! Don't miss out on your chance to join this course!

Welcome to "The Quick Start to Get Wine Smart"

Your Step-by-Step System to Becoming THE Wine Expert Among Your Friends

  • Imagine knowing the right questions to ask your waiter or sommelier to get the perfect wine for your taste.
  • Think how good it will feel when your friends ask YOU which wine they should choose.
  • Picture your dinner guests leaning in to hear your exact description of the beautiful wine you tasted for the very first time!

"The Quick Start to Get Wine Smart" is your five-week online experience to make you the go-to voice on wine choice among your colleagues, friends, and family! 

People Are Raving About The Quick Start to Get Wine Smart!

Do You Wish You Could Put Words to Wine? I Have the Secret to 'Speaking Wine'!

Meet Natalie MacLean, Your Host for "The Quick Start to Get Wine Smart"

Natalie MacLean was named "The World's Best Drinks Writer" at the World Food Media Awards. She is the only person to have won the M.F.K. Fisher Distinguished Writing Award from both the James Beard Foundation and Les Dames d'Escoffier.  

Natalie's first book Red, White and Drunk All Over: A Wine-Soaked Journey from Grape to Glass and her second book Unquenchable: A Tipsy Quest for the World’s Best Bargain Wines were both selected as one of Amazon's Best Books of the Year.  

Natalie is the wine expert on CTV's The Social, Canada's largest daytime television show; CTV News; and Global Televion's Morning Show.  

Funny, brainy, and unapologetically tipsy, her goal in life is to invite more people to the table to share a great glass of wine (or three)!

Media Features of Natalie MacLean and "The Quick Start to Get Smart"

What's Included In This Incredible Five-Week Online Experience

Module 1: Where to Start

With so much information about wine, where do I start?

In Module 1 you will learn:

  • What’s most important to learn first (and what to skip) for a solid foundation in wine.  
  • How to taste wine like a pro: the five simple steps to tasting wine and what to look for with each step.  
  • How to develop a wine tasting vocabulary and understand what those expert tasting notes and terms mean.
  • How to tell if a wine bad or if you just do not like it, including how to smell and identify faults in wine.

Module 2: The Essential 8 Grapes, Part I

In Module 2, we explore the first four of the Essential Eight grapes you need to know to get started: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Suvignon, and Merlot.

Our study will explore essential questions, such as:

  • How do these grapes vary from region to region?  
  • How to serve these wines with confidence: glassware, temperature, decanting.  
  • How to describe these wines?
  • Learn exactly why you like these wines or don't.

Your host Natalie MacLean will provide a list of wines for you to buy that's customized to your local liquor store. She can also work with you personally if you'd like to open bottles already in your cellar.  

Module 3: The Essential 8 Grapes, Part II

Module 3 focuses on the second four of the Essential Eight grapes you need to know to get started: Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, and Shiraz/Syrah.

We'll talk through important questions, such as:

  • How do these grapes vary from region to region?  
  • How to serve these wines with confidence: glassware, temperature, decanting.  
  • How to describe these wines?  
  • Learn exactly why you like these wines or don't. 

As with Part I in Module 2, Natalie will provide a list of wines for you to buy that's customized to your local liquor store. If you happen to have a specific wine in your cellar, this is an excellent opportunity to try it with Natalie's expert insight to explain the characteristics of a particular wine.  

Module 4: Pairing Wine & Food

How can I pair food and wine together without it being hit-and-miss?

Key questions and expert tips in Module 4 include:

  • Wine & food pairing building blocks: why do certain flavours work together and others don’t?  
  • Three shortcuts when pairing wine and food that you’ll actually remember.
  • Terrible food and wine matches to avoid for the rest of your life (and why they don’t work). 
  • Seven classic food and wine pairings and why they have become classics, plus bonus tips for holiday turkey dinner. 
  • Unusual food and wine pairings, from fast food favourites to tough matches, such as quiche and asparagus and why they may change how you see certain foods!


Module 5: Take It to the World

Module 5 is all about taking what we learned together and using your newfound knowledge to embrace the world of wine.

Natalie will help you answer everyday questions and concerns about wine, including:

  • How can I get confident about wine in a restaurant or liquor store?  
  • How to get outside your comfort zone in the liquor store and buy wine with confidence: 3 things to look for on a wine label.
  • How to choose wine from a restaurant list with confidence: 4 tips to decipher any wine list and 2 smart questions to ask the sommelier or server.
  • How to pick a gift wine for a friend or host with confidence: no-fail wine gifts for any occasion or palate.  

Past Students LOVE What They Learned With "The Quick Start to Get Wine Smart"

Prior to signing up for Natalie’s wine course, I thought my wine knowledge was good (or good enough to get by). After listening in to a few of Natalie’s Sunday Sipper Club segments, I started realizing that I probably didn’t know what I didn’t know. So when she offered the wine course I decided to sign-up. I realized that  

Following the course, I am pleased to say that I have moved up the ladder of knowledge. I may not yet be skilled, but I realize that moving up this ladder is a journey, and this course was instrumental in kick-starting this journey. 

And this knowledge and awareness has improved my confidence level in wines, not only within myself, but among friends and when speaking to a wine store customer rep.  

Finally, the instructor is instrumental in having the ability to gain knowledge from any course. Natalie is truly gifted in providing a course on the topic of wines.  

She is extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter, has developed the course in a logical sequence and format, she is funny and entertaining, extremely articulate, and has a deep desire for people to learn and improve their knowledge of wines.  

- J.P. d'Entremont, Edmonton 

 - Lois Gilbert, Toronto

Before I took this course I felt lost in the wine aisles of the liquor store! 

I knew basic pairing rules like fish with white wines and red meats with reds, but that was all.  

After the course, I not only expanded my practical buying/pairing knowledge, but I have also found some new favourites! 

I now feel much more confident when choosing new wines that suit my taste, and will even be brave enough to order a suitable bottle from the list at a restaurant the next time I go out with friends.  

- Naomi Lai, Toronto

Thanks so much for all your efforts, Natalie. A great experience. 

I look forward to the next course and especially to the deep diving! 

- Karen Fung, Ottawa

This has been a great use of my Wednesday evenings, Natalie! I look forward to the next stages. I will be signing up for version II.  

- Alec Hawrysh, Vancouver 

Is "The Quick Start to Get Wine Smart" Right for Me?

This course is for you if ...

  • You've never taken a wine course or have only taken one or two courses.
  • You want to feel more confident about wine than you do.  
  • You've always wanted to learn about wine, but never found the time to attend a course at a physical location with the hassles of driving there, parking, getting a babysitter, or feel shy about sitting in a class.  
  • You'd love to make learning about wine something you accomplish in 2018, a New Year's resoution you won't break because it's fun!
  • You travel a lot and would love to have the flexibility to log into a wine course while you're on the road.
  • You've tried to learn about wine online, watching videos and reading articles, but it's overwhelming and not organized. 
  • You want to be guided step-by-step by a professional.
  • You want the gentle accountability of regular classes so that you don't procrasinate.
  • You'd like to meet people who will taste with you so it doesn't feel so lonely trying to learn about wine.  
  • You're in the wine, travel, food, restaurant or hospitality industry and need to get up to speed quickly.  
  • You have employees who need to get wine training quickly, but you don't have time for them to do it at work. I will be providing official receipts that can be used as a business expense for tax purposes.  
  • You would love to make wine your career eventually and want to get started on that path.

This course is NOT for you if ...  

  • You have completed the first three levels of the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) program.  
  • You have graduated from a college sommelier program or have taken another comprehensive wine program to completion.  
  • Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers need not apply ;) 

Let's Get Started on Our Wine Journey Together! 

I invite you to meet with me personally on live video over five weeks in a series of interactive workshops starting Wednesday, January 31, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. EST.  

Each session will be recorded and posted in a private members' site for those who miss a session or who want to watch the session again.  

You will have lifetime access to this course. You will also have access to any updates made going forward based on your feedback and from those who take this course in the future.  

I also launched a private Facebook Group for course members only. This is our online community where you can meet others who are keen to improve their wine knowledge. Ask questions, share stories, and exchange tips on great bottles and pairings with your fellow wine lovers.

When I offered this course in October 2017, it sold out in two hours, and there was a wait list of more than 100 people the next day. Don't miss your opportunity to be part of the fun and the learning this time. 

Most courses offering the equivalent content, but not in this interactive style, are priced between $600 and $900.

However, I am going to stick with my plan to offer the course at only $497 for this round in order to make it accessible to more (quick-acting and decisive) wine lovers like me! 

If you're interested, click the button below to save your spot in our class so you don't miss out on this experience.

I am so excited to see you on in our group!  

Cheers, Natalie 

 P.S. Avoid deep wine regret ... it's worse than a hangover. Your chance to get this course for yourself and/or a friend ends in: